f2t2f draft – live Pure Data programming


Making electro ish music from scratch in Pure Data vanilla with the objects I’ve built over the years (PilosLib, coming shortly)


Dragon Drum Machine Updated



Bigger update mostly focusing on rhymthic features.

  • Triplet and dotted timings for patterns
  • Pattern length added (patterns longer than steps get wrapped)
  • Retrigger rate and window can now be changed
  • Clear can also include sliders
  • Pattern selector improvements
  • New presets rattlesSs, alarm techno two, For only, basis by cup, Drassin, rustvvvia, disconnect, mewtwo, coininit, polyi

For further detail on what some of these features specifically mean, see Dragon page. Should still be running as lightweight as before.

Play store:

Demo version | Full version

Amazon Marketplace: Full

Dragon Again jam


Another drum machine jam with Dragon. Trying to use the effects together in this one. Got the band-pass filter doing some melodic stuff in the second half.

Play store link